May 8th, 2015

Overheard this week: “Orange crush helps boost federal NDP”

This week, New Democrats scored a historic victory in Alberta – ending 44 years of Conservative rule in that province. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau continued to prove to Canadians that if they want real change after a decade of Stephen Harper, they should turn to the NDP.

The Alberta “orange crush helps boost federal NDP” according to observers:

“Five years ago, the NDP had limited presence in either Quebec or Alberta. Now it has most of the Quebec seats in Parliament and a majority government in Alberta … Some Conservative MPs said this week they are looking over their shoulder at the NDP a little closer now. Calgary East MP Deepak Obrai said Wednesday he has won six elections and never paid the NDP much heed before, but now he expects an NDP challenge.” — Mia Rabson, Winnipeg Free Press (May 8, 2015)

Liberals unveiled a new tax policy this week, and experts say the rich will benefit from it more than the middle class:

“The NDP is right. Higher-income earners will benefit more from the Liberal tax cut plan than the middle class.” — Stephen Gordon, economist, Maclean’s (May 7, 2015) “Today’s Trudeau Liberalism? Chances are, Pierre would have trouble recognizing it … But what strikes me most about Trudeau’s populist tax shift and his family benefit is how much they resemble Stephen Harper’s choices, not how much they contrast … These days, Trudeau Liberalism is closer to Harper Conservatism than it is to anything Justin Trudeau learned at home growing up.” — Paul Wells, columnist, Maclean’s (May 8, 2015)

Conservatives and Liberals also teamed up this week to erode the rights and freedoms we cherish as Canadians:

“The Conservative government’s anti-terrorism legislation has passed its final vote in the House of Commons, clearing the way for the bill to become law before Parliament rises for the summer. The third-reading vote passed 183 to 96 with the support of Conservative and Liberal Members of Parliament, and was opposed by New Democrats …" — Chris Hannay, Globe and Mail (May 6, 2015)

In October, Canadians will be able to make history again and elect an NDP government that will repair the damage Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have done.