July 10th, 2015

Overheard this week: “NDP viewed as the clearest alternative to Conservatives”

With economists predicting another recession, and 200,000 more Canadians out of work than before the last recession, it’s clear that Stephen Harper’s plan just isn’t working.

This week, the Conservative finance minister stubbournly stuck his head in the sand – promising more of the same:

“Finance Minister Joe Oliver says no new economic measures to boost the economy are needed because Canada will not be in a recession at year’s end, despite gloomier private sector economic forecasts.” — Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star (July 7, 2015)

Sound familiar? This is what we overheard from Conservatives before the last recession under Harper’s watch:

"We are well positioned to weather this period of global economic uncertainly. Canada's economic fundamentals are solid." — Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty (May 30, 2008) "This country will not go into recession next year and will lead the G7 countries." — Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Oct. 10, 2008)

It’s no wonder more and more Canadians are putting their trust in the NDP to bring change to Ottawa:

“The NDP and Tom Mulcair have been able to fashion themselves as the party of clear change. For Canadians who are not happy with the current government, it looks like they have a clear sense the New Democrats are the ones who will be the most different.” — Nik Nanos, Globe and Mail (July 8, 2015) “A lot of voters are inclined to want change, and there is little evident fear of the prospect of the NDP forming a government […] relying on historic hesitation about the NDP, or the ability to diminish leadership opponents, shows little promise as a re-election strategy, and simply may not work in 2015.” — Bruce Anderson & David Coletto, Abacus Data (July 8, 2015)