May 29th, 2015

Overheard this week: “Mulcair the obvious choice”

This week, political watchers across the country are calling Tom Mulcair “a potential PM in waiting” and “the obvious choice” to replace Stephen Harper.

Here’s just some of what we overheard this week:

“Mulcair looking more like a potential PM in waiting […] The NDP is becoming the party of progressive voters, as well as the default choice of those who want to get rid of Stephen Harper […] For those voting Anyone But Harper, Mulcair is starting to look like a pretty viable alternative.” — L. Ian MacDonald, iPolitics (May 24, 2015) “Mulcair the obvious choice […] The party and its leader have carved out an alternative vision for itself against the Conservatives under Stephen Harper. The NDP clearly has become the desired destination to those looking for an alternative government in the upcoming federal election. The Liberals, under Justin Trudeau, look confused, uninspiring and have become Harper-lite.” — Samuel Getachew, Huffington Post (May 26, 2015) “Never underestimate the power of example. Rachel Notley’s NDP victory in Alberta is something larger than just the overturning of one of the longest ruling dynasties in Canadian politics […] The Notley awakening had reconfigured the federal race. It has inspired the NDP […] and told the ruling Tories that nothing in politics is a given, that change is the strongest energy, and that old patterns can disappear in a ballot box minute. And oh yeah, beware of a man with a beard.” — Rex Murphy, CBC’s The National (May 28, 2015) “[Mulcair] has shown that he has been able to build on the groundbreaking foray of the NDP in Quebec on his own terms, by moving beyond Jack Layton’s ghost to forge his own basis of support […] Across the regions, he has attracted considerable support among key community stakeholders (labour organizations, agricultural associations, and the like) for his grasp and clarity on specific policy issues.” — Antonia Maioni, Globe and Mail (May 25, 2015)