May 22nd, 2015

Overheard this week: “Mulcair emerging as the real agent of change”

This week, Tom Mulcair took his plan to strengthen the middle class and build a stronger Canada to communities across the country.

Momentum continues to build for Tom’s hopeful and optimistic message -- here’s what the pundits and political watchers were saying:

“NDP comes across as the clearest alternative to the Conservatives.” — Lawrence Martin, Globe and Mail (May 19, 2015) “Mulcair emerging as the real agent of change … Now, as Canadians begin focusing on the next vote, it is the NDP that offers the clean break from a tired government in its 10th year. Trudeau and his Liberals are offering tentative change, a lurch to the middle with little daylight between them and the Conservatives.” — Tim Harper, Toronto Star (May 19, 2015) “In the early running, if you were betting on which party the anti-government vote may coalesce around, you’d probably put your chips on orange … John Fenik, the life-long Liberal mayor of Perth, Ont., who is now seeking a federal nomination for the NDP, is not alone in resolving that Mulcair represents the more potent progressive threat to Harper in 2015.” — John Ivison, National Post (May 19, 2015) “NDP making gains in fight for progressive voters … [Mulcair] is effective in Parliament. His principled critique of the anti-terrorism bill – admired by many Liberals – is one reason that public support for the bill has fallen sharply.” — Andrew Cohen, Ottawa Citizen (May 19, 2015) “[Mulcair] is the best Opposition leader in my judgment since Diefenbaker, and I think I’ve known them all pretty well. He’s building credibility both in the House of Commons and across the country …” — Former PM Brian Mulroney, Maclean’s (May 19, 2015)