June 26th, 2015

Overheard this week: “A desire for change finding its way over to the NDP”

“Something’s happened. Something phenomenal.” That was the assessment of a former Paul Martin advisor on the NDP’s growing momentum this week.

After a decade of Stephen Harper’s failed plan and mounting scandals, Canadians are ready for change – and they’re looking to Tom Mulcair’s principled, experienced leadership.

Here’s some more of what they were saying this week:

“The NDP is now very strong in all the places that it needs to be strong […] A desire for change finding its way over to the NDP …” — Darrell Bricker, Ipsos, Global News (June 25, 2015) “Mulcair is making a far more compelling case as the real threat to Harper […] Mulcair appears ready to handle that scrutiny.” — Tim Harper, Toronto Star (June 21, 2015) “Meanwhile, it has become apparent that the NDP’s success in 2011 was based on more than the personal appeal of Jack Layton. Behind his charm were clear messages specific to Quebec voters who, over time, had become isolated from federal politics. Support for the New Democrats indicated a new phase in Quebec voters’ constant search for parties that can carry their voice to Ottawa.” — Antonia Maioni, Globe and Mail (June 22, 2015)