October 2nd, 2015

Our values must be represented on the world stage: Mulcair

Tom Mulcair is committed to keeping Canadians safe, protecting their rights, and repairing the damage done by Stephen Harper’s refusal to live up to Canada’s international responsibilities.

“Of course we want to contribute to the fight against ISIS,” said Mulcair during tonight’s leaders’ debate. But we can do three things: Work to stop the transfer of weapons; the same thing for money; and stop the flow of foreign fighters. As far as weapons are concerned, it’s important to point out that Canada is the only country that has not signed the Small Arms Treaty. We also need to introduce measures to prevent radicalization because that’s where foreign fighters come from. But, we have been very clear on this, we are against our participation in this combat mission and we are the only party here with this position.”

Canada needs a Prime Minister who stands on principle and has the strength and experience to represent Canadian interests and values at home and abroad. Tom Mulcair has a plan for a multilateral approach to make Canada a leader in international aid, peacekeeping and fighting climate change.

It is time for a leader who respects the rights of Canadians while, at the same time, keeping them safe.