October 2nd, 2015

Only Mulcair’s economic plan can fix Conservative damage

After a decade of Stephen Harper’s failed economic plan, only Tom Mulcair has the right priorities to get our economy back on track.

“If we want to build for the future, we need a solid foundation. We want large corporations to start paying their fair share,” Mulcair said during tonight’s TVA Leaders’ debate. “I don’t accept that in a country as rich as Canada, hundreds of thousands of children go to school hungry. We will also eliminate a fiscal loophole for stock options and we will take this money to eliminate poverty among children and families.”

Job losses in manufacturing and aerospace sectors and an absence of investment in everything from renewable energy to public infrastructure has left the economy in Quebec and the rest of Canada stagnate. The country can’t afford four more years of Harper’s inaction.

Tom Mulcair has a strong plan for strategic investments to get our economy moving by supporting small business owners and ensuring that Canada has a competitive advantage in traditional sectors like manufacturing and aerospace, as well as the growing renewable energy sector.