2014 04 06
Official Opposition Statement on Volunteer Action Week

NDP MP Jean-François Larose (Repentigny), spokesperson for Philanthropy and not for profit organizations, made the following statement on Volunteer Action Week:

 “New Democrats are proud to highlight the critical role volunteers play in Canada and pay homage to them during this Volunteer Action Week.”

 Volunteers are the heart and soul of our society. By giving everything and asking nothing in return, volunteers are shining examples of mutual assistance, empathy and compassion. They also are an invaluable asset to our society both economically and socially.

 According to Statistics Canada, 13.3 million Canadians volunteer devoting 2 billion hours of work per year. TD Bank estimates that volunteering creates $50 billion in economic value for Canada each year, or about 3% of Canada’s GDP.

 To all those who offer their time to others and their communities, we would like to say thank you.”

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