April 28th, 2014

Official Opposition Statement on the National Day of Mourning

NDP Labour critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie) made the following statement on the National Day of Mourning:

“April 28 marks our National Day of Mourning—a time to honour workers who have lost their lives or been injured on the job, and to turn our thoughts to the families and loved ones who have been affected by these tragedies.

“In Canada, approximately four workers die on the job every day due to unsafe working conditions, and a growing number of Canadians are losing their lives or suffering from work-related illnesses.

“These statistics are way too high. Unfortunately, the Conservative government’s Bill C-4 weakened laws that protect Canadians’ health and safety at jobs under federal jurisdiction. The Conservatives’ cuts, along with their desire to let companies set their own rules, have undermined the enforcement of these laws and our efforts to protect workers.

“On this National Day of Mourning, we are calling for safer work conditions and better collaboration between employers and employees, in order to prevent future tragedies and work injuries. All deaths can be avoided.”