June 26th, 2012

New Democrats launch interactive anti-pipeline website

Radicals4ourCoast.ca calls out Conservative wedge politics

VANCOUVER—New Democrats have launched an interactive, satirical website to call out Conservative’s divisive tactics and raise awareness about the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

When environmentalists spoke up about their concerns about the Enbridge pipeline proposal, Conservatives called them “radicals” and “enemies of Canada”, continuing to use overheated rhetoric and wedge politics to pit Canadians against each other.

Canadians have been outraged by these tactics and the new NDP website – Radicals4ourCoast.ca – allows Canadians to speak out. Users can choose an avatar and select ‘radical’ qualities about themselves, such as ‘avid recycler’ or ‘sings in the shower’. After submitting their information, their avatar is added to the image at the top of the page, where they can see themselves amongst a crowd of Canadians standing up for the coast.

The website’s launch coincides with a tour of BC by New Democrat MPs, including NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic Megan Leslie.

The New Democrat MPs are hosting public forums, meeting with municipal councils, attending an Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel Hearing, and touring the proposed oil tanker route in Kitimat.

You can view the new website here: http://Radicals4ourCoast.ca