September 3rd, 2014

New Democrats call for a moratorium on converting home delivery to postal boxes

NDP Canada Post critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie) has called on the Conservative government to place a moratorium on building post office boxes that are set to replace home mail delivery across the country.

Over the last several months, New Democrats have visited several communities to get a sense of where citizens stand on the cuts to Canada Post and the Conservative government’s decision to end home mail delivery. The response has been clear: people are committed to maintaining their postal services and concerns quickly turn to anger when informed about the Conservatives’ plan.

“New Democrats continue to stand with the public—and many dissatisfied Canadian mayors—in their opposition to the changes at Canada Post. A moratorium is the only way to ensure that real public consultations are held,” said Boulerice. “We’ve had enough of these closed-door consultations. We want transparency – it’s the only way to work together to find a viable solution for the future of this public service.”

New Democrats know that Canada Post must modernize in order to meet the challenges facing the postal service, but feels that this should not come at the public’s expense. There is no valid explanation to justify these cuts, the thousands of jobs lost, or the end of home delivery services. This Crown Corporation has run a profit over the last 20 years.