February 16th, 2017

NDP youth call for transparency from Trudeau’s youth council

The Young New Democrats of Canada issued the following statement:

Today, Young New Democrats are calling for greater transparency from the Prime Minister’s Youth Council.

While we certainly value the opinions of the young leaders on the Council and respect the important role they can play in advising the Government, we believe that all Canadians should have the right to know what issues are being discussed and what recommendations the Council is putting forward to Prime Minister Trudeau - the Minister for Youth. Young Canadians and youth leaders across the country should have the opportunity to discuss the recommendations, have a mechanism to offer their own input, and join together in holding the Minister for Youth accountable.

The opportunity to shape the course of our generation’s future should not be limited to a few hand-picked individuals, but should be open to all. Through widespread participation and engagement, we truly believe that we can achieve meaningful change for young Canadians.

We hope that the Minister of Youth will act in the best interest of all young Canadians by ensuring that the records from this non-partisan council are made publicly available and a clear path to offer broader input is established.