May 25th, 2015

NDP wants ban on plastic microbeads

Two months after the NDP motion to ban plastic microbeads was passed unanimously, Canadians are still waiting on the Conservatives to protect our lakes and rivers from microbead pollution.

“We are tired of the Conservatives’ empty promises. We want concrete action now,” said the NDP environment critic, Megan Leslie (Halifax). “The Conservatives promised to tackle this pollution problem; but nothing concrete has been undertaken to act on the unanimous will of the House.”

Microbeads are tiny plastic beads used in consumer products such as facial cleansers, shower gel and toothpaste. They have been found in high concentrations in the Great Lakes, especially downstream of major urban centres, and in the sediments of the St. Lawrence River. The Conservatives promised to tackle this pollution problem; however, nothing concrete has yet been done.

Canadians want their government to act on this issue. A public petition on has gathered over 40,000 signatures in a few short months.

“There is a real need to act. For the sake of our environment and our health, Canada must do as other countries have done and work to eliminate microbeads from everyday consumer products,” said Brian Masse (Windsor West), the NDP critic for the Great Lakes.

The NPD petition to protect our water and wildlife from plastic microbeads is available online: