May 29th, 2014

NDP urging Conservatives to follow President Obama’s lead on concussions

NDP critic for Sport and Youth Matthew Dubé (Chambly-Borduas) is urging the Conservative government to show some leadership on concussions and follow the example being set by the American President.

Barack Obama has brought 200 sports and medical experts to the White House—along with concerned parents of young athletes—to discuss this important public health issue.

“While the President Obama shows leadership and gathers specialists in an effort to find solutions to this problem, our Prime Minister—despite his fervent interest in hockey—has done nothing to counter this epidemic of concussions in Canadian amateur sports,” said Dubé.

The White House summit on head injuries in sport aims to discover new ways to identify, prevent and treat serious head injuries. Concerns have been growing in the United States and Canada over concussions in amateur sport, but Conservatives have stood idle and failed to show any leadership in the area.

New Democrats have introduced legislation to create a national strategy to reduce the number of concussions in amateur sport, with the help of medical and athletic experts.

“My colleague Glenn Thibeault’s bill would help the federal government show some leadership and would benefit young athletes across the country,” concluded Dubé.