July 17th, 2017

NDP to Trudeau: Come clean on NAFTA priorities

NDP International Trade critic Tracey Ramsey (Essex) made the following statement following the United States’ release of its NAFTA renegotiation priorities:

“Today, the US government released their objectives for the renegotiation of NAFTA but Canadians continue to sit and wait for this Liberal government to announce their own priorities for NAFTA. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has still not revealed what Canada will attempt to modify in this trade deal that has consequences for communities across the country.

With the release of their objectives, it’s now clear that the Trump administration’s proposed changes could have disastrous consequences for many Canadian industries, including dairy and steel. Now more than ever, Prime Minister Trudeau needs to stand up for our industries and make it clear that Canadians are looking for a better deal on NAFTA.

For months, New Democrats have repeatedly called on this Liberal government to come clean with Canadians on their priorities for the renegotiation process. Unfortunately, the Liberals respond with bafflegab or silence. Last month, in a letter to the Prime Minister, the NDP demanded to see the Liberal plan while also highlighting important areas where we should defend Canadian jobs, the environment, labour standards and supply management. To date, the Prime Minister has yet to answer the letter or outline his government’s priorities.

New Democrats will continue to push the Liberal government to be transparent on NAFTA before and during negotiations, and we will continue to stand up for Canadian jobs and Canadian interests.”