October 8th, 2013

NDP to old line parties: end partisan Senate activity

NDP propose measures to take out partisanship and raise the bar on Senate accountability

New measures are needed now to clean up the Senate – Canadians shouldn’t be forced to wait any longer for the old line parties to start acting on Senate accountability.

“Conservatives have dragged their heels on reform while Liberals have continued to argue for the Senate status quo,” said NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus. “Canadians are fed up and are demanding action now. The NDP is listening.”

The NDP’s proposal would:

  • Limit Senators’ partisan activities.
  • Establish a single Ethics Code and single Commissioner.
  • Tighten Senate travel rules.

“As we move towards Senate abolition, we still must act now to improve accountability. If the other parties agree to work with us, we can get this done during the upcoming session,” said NDP Democratic Reform critic Craig Scott. “It’s time we finally put a stop to the taxpayer-funded partisan work that both Conservatives and Liberals have taken advantage of for so many years.”

“Mr. Harper and Mr. Trudeau must either agree to act now or tell Canadians why they are turning their backs on raising the bar for Senate accountability,” concluded Angus.