September 19th, 2015

NDP statement regarding the Syrian refugee crisis

NDP candidate in Ottawa-Centre Paul Dewar made the following statement regarding the government’s announcement on the Syrian refugee crisis:

"The NDP welcomes the Conservatives’ decision to accelerate the acceptance of Syrian refugees and appoint a special coordinator to oversee resettlement.

The appointment of a Syrian Refugee Coordinator is an important step in speeding up the arrival of refugees here in Canada but we don’t have to wait any longer. We could meet this initial commitment of 10,000 by the end of this year.

Canadians have shown their dedication to helping those fleeing Syria but, nearly three weeks after the country was gripped by the gravity of this humanitarian crisis, the government’s reaction still falls far short and moves too slowly. We are once again reaching out to the government for real action.

The NDP is calling for immediate humanitarian assistance and would admit 10,000 government-sponsored Syrian refugees before the end of 2015. Following that, we would accept 9,000 per year over the coming years. We would lift the cap on private sponsorships, eliminate quotas and bureaucratic obstacles, and treat refugees equally.

We must be bold in our commitments and lead efforts to assist those in need. "