July 5th, 2016

NDP statement on the potential Canada Post lockout

NDP Canada Post critic Karine Trudel and NDP Labour critic Sheri Benson made the following statement:

“We are very troubled to learn that Canada Post is preparing to lockout its workers. The employees of Canada Post are continuing to negotiate in good faith while also continuing their work delivering the mail across the country. Canada Post workers are asking that pay equity be applied to the entire workforce. Currently, rural and suburban mail carriers, 70% of whom are women, make 28% less than the male-dominated urban group.

In 2011, Canadians saw Canada Post workers locked-out, prevented from doing their jobs and then the Conservatives passed legislation that unilaterally forced to them to accept unfair concessions, lowering working conditions. Canadians are now disappointed to see this trend continue under the new Liberal government.

Canadians across the country and small business in particular will pay the price for the mismanagement of Canada Post. This government was given a mandate to end the Conservative-style attempts to discredit and disrupt our postal service, to restore door-to-door mail delivery, and to respect pay equity as a right. So far, the Liberal government has abandoned its promises. The NDP believes that solutions can still be found from the bargaining table and not from a locked door. Canada Post needs to get back to bargaining in good faith immediately.”