January 20th, 2016


NDP Industry Critic Brian Masse (Windsor West) made the following statement in response to Postmedia layoffs across Canada:

“Following the announcement by Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey today, I am foremost concerned about the jobs lost and the people affected by this news. Our sympathies go out to these employees and their families in this difficult time.

“New Democrats have long been concerned about the creeping concentration and dilution of competition in our media landscape, especially in the newspaper industry. In the wake of today’s announcement, we will be following up with the Competition Bureau as well as asking the House of Commons Industry Committee to study this troubling trend.

“As the Progressive Opposition, we believe a diversity opinion and robust competition are prerequisites for a healthy media landscape, which is in turn a prerequisite for a healthy democracy. Today’s job cuts undermine these conditions and sadly it is Canadian families who pay the price.”