June 15th, 2017

NDP statement on the passage of Bill C-16, enshrining the rights of Trans Canadians in law

The following is a statement from the NDP’s LGBTQ spokesperson, Randall Garrison, on the Senate approval of Bill C-16 which enshrines equal rights and protections of Trans people in Canadian law:

“After more than 12 years of the Trans community and its allies fighting for equal rights and protections, I’m pleased to see that the Parliament of Canada has finally gotten the job done and put gender identity and gender expression into the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code.

The passage of this Bill is a tribute to the many Trans people who have bravely come forward in the face of fear, intimidation and hate to share stories of their reality as Trans people and demand their rights. It is sad that the federal level is last to arrive at equal rights and protections, especially given that two bills had previously passed the House of Commons in 2011 and 2013 but died in the Senate.

Passing Bill C-16 does not mark the end of the fight for Trans rights but the start of a larger project to make sure that these rights and protections are reflected in all federal policies and services. I look forward to quick action to remove discrimination against Trans people, beginning with changes by Transportation Canada to aviation security screening regulations and action by Passport Canada to ensure Trans people can obtain passports with appropriate gender markers.”