August 15th, 2017

NDP Statement on National Acadian Day

Tom Mulcair, Leader of the NDP, made the following statement:

“On this National Acadian Day, we mark and celebrate the rich history and contributions of the Acadian People.

Having first settled in what would become Canada’s East Coast over 400 years ago, they developed distinct francophone traditions and culture that continue to thrive and enrich this great country. They did so however in the face of devastating exile, deportations, and many years of persecution. Despite these unyielding hardships, the Acadian people maintained strong roots in Canada.

They not only survived – but succeeded in keep their language, their customs and their unique culture alive.

Today, New Democrats join with Acadians everywhere to mark their national holiday and prepare for the annual Tintamarre. Together, we celebrate the unique Acadian culture and recognize the important contributions they have made to Canada.

To all Acadians, near and far, happy Acadian Day!”