December 20th, 2015

NDP Statement on International Human Solidarity Day

NDP International Development critic Robert Aubin (Trois-Rivières) made the following statement on International Human Solidarity Day:

“Solidarity is an important ingredient in achieving our common goals of peace and prosperity for all. This day is a time to celebrate our unity and our diversity. It helps us acknowledge the importance of solidarity to eradicate poverty. The very idea of human solidarity can change the world.

Human solidarity is one of the fundamental and universal values that should underlie relations between peoples in the twenty-first century. Despite the numerous ongoing crises around the world, waves of solidarity in Canada and abroad give us hope for a better world.

Whether it’s for welcoming Syrian refugees or combatting climate change, each gesture of solidarity is crucial for our future. By working together, the international community will be able to achieve its objectives and leave a safer, fairer, more united world for future generations.”

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