June 27th, 2016

NDP statement on the court challenge to C-14

NDP Justice Critic, Murray Rankin, made the following statement on the court challenge following the Liberal government forcing through bill C-14:

"Julia Lamb is fighting for her rights – rights established by the Supreme Court and then taken away by the Liberal government. By attacking her right to make decisions about her own life, C-14 forces Julia to live in fear of her condition suddenly becoming intolerable and having nowhere to turn.

The Supreme Court recognized that it is cruel to deny a person like Julia the right to choose to die peacefully if their suffering became intolerable. We warned the government that C-14 would force vulnerable and suffering Canadians back to court to fight for their rights. The Liberal government refused to listen to reason. They ignored expert advice, they ignored provincial court decisions and they ignored opposition amendments that would have their law constitutional.

It is shameful that instead of working together to enact legislation that would have defended our Charter rights, the Trudeau Liberals doubled-down on C-14 and are now forcing Canadians like Julia Lamb back to court to fight for their rights."