December 6th, 2016

NDP statement on the 75th anniversary of Camp X

NDP Veteran Affairs Critic, Irene Mathyssen, issued the following statement on the 75th anniversary of Camp X:

“On December 6 , 1941, near Whitby Ontario, Camp X, a secret training school, was opened by the British and Americans. Potential Allied agents were trained at the school, including many recent Canadian immigrants who were recruited due to their language skills, to go behind enemy lines as secret agents. The school trained an estimated 500 students and its purpose was to find the best candidates for advanced training in Britain.

Camp X was also home to a sophisticated radio communications centre, known as Hydra, which connected the British, Canadian, and American intelligence network. Canadians were relied upon to staff the communication centre.

Today New Democrats recognize the efforts of all the Canadians who operated in secret to help protect Canadian and Allied Soldiers during the Second World War. In particular, we would like to recognize the Canadian immigrants who bravely returned to countries from which they fled and put their lives on the line to assist the allied efforts.”