June 18th, 2014

NDP releases corporate social responsibility report

NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar issued the following statement following the release of an NDP report on corporate social responsibility:

“The practices of Canadian companies manufacturing products overseas are a key issue for Canadian consumers, particularly following the tragic factory collapse at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh last year that killed over 1,100 people.

After that disaster, New Democrats initiated a study at the Foreign Affairs committee on the issue of corporate social responsibility. Committee members heard testimony from industry, government and civil society. The committee held an additional follow-up study on the first anniversary of the disaster, again at the request of the NDP.

During the committee hearings, all witnesses agreed on the importance of responsible practices by Canadian companies, and proposed concrete measures to improve and standardize responsible corporate behaviour.

Unfortunately, the committee decided not to produce an official report following the committee study. The NDP has therefore prepared a report summarizing the testimony. Although I was denied the opportunity to present this report in the House of Commons, I hope that all parties will accept the important findings and recommendations from the witnesses at committee.”

The NDP report can be viewed online at: http://bit.ly/1siDwLi