October 5th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Where are they now? Conservatives embroiled in scandal: Mike Duffy Trial Edition

So many Conservatives are embroiled in scandal it is easy to lose track.

Let’s catch up and see what the main actors in the Duffy trial are up to during the election campaign.

Harper Senate appointee Irving Gerstein

  • Appointed to the Senate by Harper, even though he had been implicated in the In-and-Out scheme.
  • According to his own statement to the RCMP, he contacted officials at Deloitte about its review of Duffy’s residency claims.
  • Currently: Head of the Conservative fundraising.

Stephen Harper’s former Chief of Staff Nigel Wright

  • Admitted that he was in touch with current Chief of Staff Ray Novak via instant messenger two weeks before he testified in Mike Duffy trial. Asked if letting people think Duffy had paid off his own expenses was misleading he testified: "I just didn't think it was a bad misrepresentation."
  • Currently: Managing Director of London, UK office for Onex Corporation.

Stephen Harper’s current Chief of Staff Ray Novak

  • Former legal advisor Benjamin Perrin's statement to the RCMP was revealed at the Mike Duffy trial, implicating Novak and Nigel Wright.
  • Currently: On the plane with Harper.

Stephen Harper Senate appointee Mike Duffy

  • Conservative fundraising star, raising millions for the party. The cover-up around his expense repayment implicated a number of Conservative staffers and even brought down Nigel Wright.
  • Currently: On trial facing 31 charges including fraud

Stephen Harper promised to cleanup Liberal corruption and change Ottawa, but Ottawa changed him.

Only Tom Mulcair can defeat Stephen Harper, repair the damage he has done and bring change to Ottawa.