October 5th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Where are they now? Conservatives embroiled in scandal: Election Fraud Edition

So many Conservatives are embroiled in scandal it is easy to lose track.

Let’s catch up and see what the Conservatives made famous by breaking election laws are up to during the campaign.

Former Ethics Spokesperson for Stephen Harper Dean Del Maestro

  • Constantly embroiled in scandal, until being caught over-spending on his 2008 campaign.
  • Currently: Appealing sentence of a month in jail, four months house arrest, and 18 months probation.

Former Conservative operative Michael Sona

  • Implicated and convicted in the Robocall scandal that sought to suppress voter turnout.
  • Currently: Appealing nine-month prison sentence.

Stephen Harper’s former Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Peter Penashue

  • Accepted 28 ineligible campaign contributions in 2011 and resigned in disgrace in 2013.
  • Currently: Harper signed his nomination papers. He’s running again.

Harper Senate appointee Irving Gerstein

  • Appointed to the Senate by Harper, even though he had been implicated in the In-and-Out scheme.
  • According to his own statement to the RCMP, he contacted officials at Deloitte about its review of Duffy’s residency claims.
  • Currently: Head of the Conservative fundraising.

Stephen Harper promised to cleanup Liberal corruption and change Ottawa, but Ottawa changed him.

Only Tom Mulcair can defeat Stephen Harper, repair the damage he has done and bring change to Ottawa.