September 28th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Stephen Harper’s Changing Story on the Iraq Combat Mission

  • First Stephen Harper said this would be a 6-month mission – with no Canadian ground troops on the frontlines.
  • Then there was the tragedy of Sgt. Andrew Dorion – and Canadians learned our troops were on frontlines, on the ground in Iraq.
  • Then Stephen Harper extended the six-month mission for another year – and extended bombings into Syria.
  • Now, Stephen Harper says the mission has no end-date – and no clear objective or exit strategy.

While Conservatives keep changing their story – and dragging Canada deeper into war – Justin Trudeau doesn’t know where he stands on Canada’s role in Iraq.

And even Trudeau admitted it was Tom Mulcair, not him, asking the tough questions on this mission.

Stephen Harper is putting forward a false choice – Canadians do not have to decide between bombing missions or sitting on the sidelines. There is a better way.

Tom Mulcair understands ISIS is a real threat to global peace and security – and as Prime Minister he will work with our allies to stop ISIS’ expansion, stem the flow of arms and funds and take action to save refugees and civilian lives, now.