September 14th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Stephen Harper’s appointments end up in scandals, or on trial – but is Justin Trudeau’s judgment any better?

Bruce Carson, is on trial - but he wasn’t the only Ottawa-insider who was allegedly in-the-know about potential illegal lobbying.

RCMP documents suggest that Dan Gagnier – who Justin Trudeau appointed as the Liberal’s National Campaign Co-Chair – was ‘in the loop’about Carson’s attempts to get his schemes in front of the Conservative government.

Bruce Carson was working for Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC) while Dan Gagnier was on the board.

According to APTN news report:

“Gagnier helped Carson land a meeting between EPIC and provincial energy ministers, according to the RCMP’s document. The RCMP believes Carson’s work around the meeting constituted illegal lobbying. Gagnier was also in the loop on Carson’s attempts to get EPIC’s agenda on the desk of Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright”

Justin Trudeau has called on the Prime Minister to fire members of his campaign who were in the loop when it comes to the Wright-Duffy scandal.

“Why hasn’t Justin Trudeau applied the same standard to his campaign team as he does to Stephen Harper’s?” asked NDP ethics critic Charlie Angus. “What does Trudeau have to say about the involvement of his close friend and campaign co-chair, with Bruce Carson?”