July 23rd, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Stephen Harper gets an F on fiscal management

Conservatives like to pretend they’re good fiscal managers. The PBO tested their claim – and the results couldn’t be more embarrassing for Stephen Harper.

Over the past four years, Harper Conservatives have met only 42% of their performance targets. That’s an F on fiscal management.

The PBO also reports that the Conservatives are throwing money into the very programs that aren’t working:

“The performance data for 108 organizations does not suggest that financial resources have been reallocated from low-performing to high-performing programs. Rather, low-performing programs were somewhat more likely, on average, to receive budget increases in the subsequent year than programs that met targets or did not present measurable performance data.” The PBO, July 23, 2015

Stephen Harper’s plan just isn’t working. They’ve failed to balance the budget and now we see that they’ve failed to invest in programs that work.

That’s why Canadians want change.