August 31st, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: NDP welcomes Trudeau Liberals to the “2-tier citizenship” fight

While an increasingly desperate Justin Trudeau tries to get noticed by attacking Harper’s two-tier citizenship bill – the reality is Liberals are playing catch up in the fight against Stephen Harper’s dangerous legislation.

  1. The first time Harper’s Conservatives introduced these measures, it was the NDP who stopped them through a heroic filibuster.
  2. Justin Trudeau didn’t even show up to vote against the bill – twice!

While Trudeau missed the votes against two-tiered citizenship, he did show up to vote in favour of Stephen Harper`s draconian terrorism bill, C-51.

The NDP has led the way against Bill C-24:

  1. We blocked this the first time Conservatives brought it forward.
  2. When re-introduced, we fought C-24 every step of the way.
  3. We will repeal it if elected.

It’s time for change in Ottawa.