NDP REALITY CHECK: NDP welcomes Trudeau Liberals to the “2-tier citizenship” fight

While an increasingly desperate Justin Trudeau tries to get noticed by attacking Harper’s two-tier citizenship bill – the reality is Liberals are playing catch up in the fight against Stephen Harper’s dangerous legislation.

  • The first time Harper’s Conservatives introduced these measures, it was

  • Justin Trudeau didn’t even show up to vote against the bill – twice!


  • 2nd reading (May 29, 2014)


  • 3rd reading (June 16, 2014)

    While Trudeau missed the votes against two-tiered citizenship, he did show up to vote in favour of Stephen Harper`s draconian terrorism bill, C-51.

    The NDP has led the way against Bill C-24:

  • We blocked this the first time Conservatives brought it forward.
  • When re-introduced, we fought C-24 every step of the way.
  • We will repeal it if elected.
  • It’s time for change in Ottawa.