September 11th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Liberal Candidate in B.C. disagrees with Trudeau’s unprincipled position on C-51

Just last week, Justin Trudeau referred to Bill C-51 as “a great example of what Canadians expect their government to be able to do.”

But even Liberal candidates don’t buy Justin Trudeau’s failure of leadership on C-51.

“****Liberal tells Muslims he disagrees with party****”

This was the headline in News Kamloops last week after Liberal candidate Steve Powrie told a crowd didn’t agree with Justin Trudeau’s support for Stephen Harper’s draconian legislation.

In June, Veteran and Nova Scotia Liberal candidate David McLeod resigned in opposition to Trudeau’s unprincipled support for Bill C-51.

“As a soldier, I helped defend Canada’s democracy by participating in peacekeeping, peacemaking and war. Having opposed oppressive political systems in the name of Canadian democracy, I refuse to support any entity complicit in the creation of a repressive act which assaults Canadian liberty.” – Former Liberal Candidate David McLeod, June 15, 2015

Meanwhile, fellow Liberal Candidate Joyce Murray has suggested anyone not agreeing with the Conservatives’ regressive law will potentially have blood on their hands.

“I would ask the member whether he would want it on his conscience should there be an attack that leads to deaths of Canadians because of the loopholes that the bill is attempting to fix?” – Liberal Candidate Joyce Murray, May 5, 2015

While Liberals try and figure out where they stand when it comes to defending the freedoms of Canadains, Tom Mulcair’s NDP were clear from the start. New Democrats voted against C-51 – and an NDP government will protect our security and our rights by repealing it.

If Justin Trudeau can change so many of long-standing and firmly-held principles before Election Day, which ones will he abandon after Election Day?