April 27th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are no friends to Canadian Firefighters, or Labour

Today Justin Trudeau pretended to be friends with firefighters in Canada and the labour movement. But what about his record?

On February 26th 2014, Justin Trudeau and his whole caucus got up and voted against NDP legislation to provide job protection that would prevent reprisals against volunteer firefighters who must be absent from their work place.

29 Liberals opposed, 0 in favour.

But what about other supports for Labour?

  • On June 23rd 2011 all Liberals voted against an NDP proposal to put off Canada Post back to work legislation.
  • On February 29th 2012, they voted against protections for French language workers in the Canada Labour Code.
  • On May 9th 2012, they voted against job protection for pregnant or nursing employees.

And many others.

That’s on their record.