NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau didn’t stand up when it counted

Justin Trudeau has more excuses than answers on his support for Bill C-51:

  • He said it was up to “everyone else” to oppose bill C-51 – while he and his Liberal MPs supported it in fear of political repercussion.

  • He said he was too afraid Stephen Harper would make “political hay” out of any opposition to the bill.

  • He would not “weigh in on the constitutionality of the anti-terror legislation” after legal experts raised serious concerns.

  • During the August 6thLeaders debate, Justin Trudeau admitted he was “naïve” for voting for bill C-51.

  • A couple of weeks later he turned around and claimed his approach was actually “a great example of what Canadians expect their governments to be able to do.

  • Mr. Trudeau still refuses to repeal Harper’s reckless, dangerous spy bill.

    It’s no wonder that when it comes to taking on Stephen Harper and winning, many Canadians have decided Justin Trudeau isn’t up to the job.