September 16th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau and prominent Liberals endorse NDP corporate tax plan

Before Justin Trudeau hit the panic button, Liberals loudly agreed with the NDP on reversing some of Stephen Harper’s corporate tax cuts.

"Conservatives want to borrow another $6 billion just to give Canada's wealthiest corporations a tax break they obviously do not need… " – Justin Trudeau, February 11, 2011 “We do not believe that right now it makes sense to increase the federal deficit and deepen the federal debt to provide corporate tax cuts on borrowed money.” – Scott Brison, October 25, 2010 “Liberals believe in competitive corporate tax rates, but not when these tax cuts would increase public debt.” – John McCallum, May 11, 2011 “The Conservatives are … digging Canada even deeper into debt in order to pay for corporate tax breaks for the top 5% wealthiest corporations in Canada.” – Scott Brison, March 24, 2011

And just a few months ago, Justin Trudeau also agreed with Tom Mulcair that – with good financial administration – you can invest without borrowing and debt.

“Our platform will be fully costed, fiscally responsible and a balanced budget.” – Justin Trudeau, April 22, 2015