May 22nd, 2014

NDP Reality Check: How can anyone claim to be progressive while lobbying for big oil?

How can Trudeau's Liberals claim to be a progressive party while lobbying for big oil and turning their back on legitimate environmental concerns?

And yet Mr. Trudeau went to Washington, aligned himself with Republican Senators, and happily acted as cheerleader for Stephen Harper’s approach to pipelines:

"My support for Keystone is steadfast." – Justin Trudeau, October 25, 2013

The Keystone XL project ships thousands of jobs away, threatens serious environmental harm, and has damaged Canada’s international reputation.

Environmental experts on both sides of the border have come out warning about this massive pipeline project.

Former US vice-president Al Gore went so far as to declare that Keystone XL "is an atrocity and a threat to our future."

Canadians deserve a better choice.

And people know Tom Mulcair, Joe Cressy (Candidate in Trinity-Spadina) and the NDP can be trusted to hold the Conservatives to account on tough issues like Keystone XL and the environment.