October 9th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Harper will cut $610M in 2019

Trudeau will cut five times more

In an ironic bid to out-left Justin Trudeau, Harper’s platform today projects less in cuts to public services than the Liberal platform does.

The Conservatives will cut $2.4 billion from public services Canadians rely on in the next four years. Justin Trudeau has committed to cutting $6.5 billion over the same period of time.

In this election, only Tom Mulcair and the NDP reject any cut to public services Canadians rely on.

Cumulative program spending cuts over the next four years

Conservatives: $2.4B

Liberals: $6.5B

NDP: $0

Cuts in Conservative platform, page 159

2016/17: $565M

2017/18: $580M

2018/19: $595M

2019/20: $ 610M

Cuts in Liberal platform, page 78

2016/17: $500M

2017/18: $1000M

2018/19: $2000M

2019/20: $ 3000M