October 10th, 2015

NDP Reality Check: Former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page calls Stephen Harper’s TPP “a weak deal”

As Stephen Harper insists the TPP is the best deal Canada could get, opposition continues to mount. Former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page has added his voice to those concerned with the deal:

If we’re negotiating deals where we’re reducing domestic content, that’s a mistake. That’s a weak deal… When the government has to come in with compensation packages because you have a weak deal, I worry about that.” (Windsor Star, October 10, 2015)

Kevin Page joins former Research in Motion CEO Jim Balsillie and Hillary Clinton in saying the deal simply isn’t good enough. The TPP will increase the cost of life-saving medications and lower wages for Canadian workers.

Tom Mulcair has been clear that he won’t be bound by Stephen Harper’s secret deal. Justin Trudeau isn’t standing up to Stephen Harper on his secret TPP, just like he didn’t stand up to Stephen Harper on Bill C-51.