June 25th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservatives promised to fix Ottawa – now their Ethics Spokesperson is going to jail

Today, Dean Del Mastro – the man Prime Minister Stephen Harper handpicked to be the Conservatives’ Ethics Spokesperson – was sentenced to jail time after being convicted of breaking election laws.

He is just the latest convicted Conservative.

  • Michael Sona – convicted for electoral vote suppression and preventing people from casting their ballots.
  • The Conservative Party pled guilty to breaking elections law by evading spending limits through their infamous in-and-out scheme involving senior Conservatives – including Conservative Party fundraiser and Senator Irving Gerstein, and former party president, and current Conservative Senator, Donald Plett.
  • Bruce Carson – convicted on multiple counts of fraud in the 80’s, will stand trial in September for influence peddling.

Conservatives have now been convicted of cheating in every election they won.

The in-and-out scheme in 2006, election spending in 2008, and the robo-calls scandal in 2011. Conservatives even rammed the Unfair Elections Act through parliament to make it easier from them to cheat in the future.

Mike Duffy is on trial, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau potentially face charges, and the RCMP are reviewing the cases of 30 other Liberal and Conservative Senators identified in the Senate expense scandal.

Conservatives promised they were going to change Ottawa and get rid of Liberal corruption and scandal – instead, Ottawa changed them.

Canadians deserve better. Canadians are ready for real change.