August 2nd, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservatives criss-cross the country with binge spending announcements

In a cynical cross-country patronage blitz, last Thursday Conservatives handed out over 108 separate government cheques across the country, totalling over $1.1 billion dollars.

The next morning they started again – in Stephen Harper’s desperate bid to buy votes Conservatives binge promised more than $800 million at over 130 funding announcements across the country on Friday and Saturday.

Conservatives also spent over $750 million of public money on questionable government advertising since they came to power.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have become known for their dirty tricks and unfair play.

Conservatives have been convicted of cheating in every election they won.

And Stephen Harper even brazenly re-wrote our election laws to benefit his own party.

Now, they are again trying to score an unfair advantage with an early election call that could cost taxpayers as much as a billion dollars.

Stephen Harper is the reason Canadians want change in Ottawa.

That’s why more and more Canadians are putting their trust in the NDP to defeat Stephen Harper and bring change to Ottawa.