May 25th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservatives are protecting Conservatives, not respecting the Court

The Prime Minister and his Conservative colleagues frequently claim they cannot comment on matters before the courts, particularly when it comes to questions about the PMO orchestrating senate scandal cover-ups.

“As members know, this matter is before the courts, so it would obviously be inappropriate for me to comment on evidence that is before the courts.” – Paul Calandra, House of Commons, May 11, 2015 “Obviously, I do not accept the premise of that question. He knows full well that he is trying to get me to comment selectively on matters that are before the court.” – Stephen Harper, House of Commons, May 12, 2015

The problem is, Conservatives have often commented in the past on matters before the court:

“As I indicated yesterday, our government believes very strongly that we should defend the rights of long-serving members of the Quebec bar, and in fact of every bar in the country, to serve on the highest court of Canada...We look forward to the Supreme Court itself ruling on the eligibility of Mr. Justice Nadon and then to seeing him join that esteemed group on the Supreme Court of Canada.” – Peter Mackay, House of Commons, October 23, 2013 “The Conservative Party always respects the interpretations that are in place. At that time, there were different court decisions on the matter. We will continue to defend our position in the courts.” - Stephen Harper, House of Commons, March 2, 2011 “I am pleased to report that there was another important decision of the Supreme Court of Canada today. The court granted the government's leave for appeal in the Bedford prostitution matter…I am proud to report to the House and to Canadians that the government will continue to vigorously defend these laws before the courts.” – Rob Nicholson, House of Commons, October 25, 2012 “It is our belief that if Parliament brings forth a statute defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of others, which extends equal rights and benefits to couples living in other forms of union and which also protects the freedom of religion, that the Supreme Court would honour and respect Parliament's determination.” - Peter Mackay, House of Commons, May 2, 2005 “We were as disappointed as western farmers were with the decision that was brought down today. We will be appealing that decision because, quite frankly, we believe in marketing freedom for Canadian farmers, unlike the NDP, which wants to legalize marijuana and the sale of it but criminalize the sale of western barley.” - Diane Finley, House of Commons, December 7, 2011

Clearly, Conservatives are focused on protecting Conservatives, not respecting the courts.

Canadians deserve better – Canadians deserve answers, not cover-ups.