May 27th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Can Conservatives be trusted on CPP? Ask a Conservative MP

After a decade of letting Canada’s looming retirement security crisis get worse, the Conservatives suddenly claim they might allow for voluntary contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

Never mind the fact that the Conservatives have repeatedly broken their promise to work with the provinces to boost CPP benefits for all Canadians - what are the government’s experts saying about this new plan?

“Mr. Speaker, what the official opposition actually had suggested in the House was some sort of voluntary new CPP method. This was rejected unanimously by our partners in the federation when we met and discussed the issue because it would not work and because the CPP would be unable to administer it.” - Hon. Jim Flaherty (then Finance Minister), Hansard, September 20 2010 “We also ruled out ideas we collectively determined cannot work. For instance, along with our provincial and territorial partners, we examined the notion of creating another supplemental, government-run pension plan. The verdict was unanimous. This was not a good idea.” - Hon. Ted Menzies (then Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance), Hansard, November 23 2011 “We're hearing a bit about an additional voluntary program for CPP. I don't understand, personally. My contribution to my RRSP is voluntary. Aren't those with cash going to be taking advantage of it, and those who actually need to be saving, if it's voluntary... What advantage does this give to them?” - Mike Wallace, MP (then Conservative member of Finance Committee), Finance Committee, April 20 2010

With a record like theirs, do they really expect Canadians to fall for this electioneering ploy?

Canadians deserve better than Conservatives playing political games with their retirement security.