September 14th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Bruce Carson, lobbying and senior Liberal and Conservative Operatives

We know that Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC) executives Dan Gagnier and Doug Black were aware that Bruce Carson continued to lobby Nigel Wright and others, potentially breaking lobbying rules – even after EPIC had decided to end Carson’s lobbying for them.

In fact, according to the affidavit, Carson’s lobbying activities for Black and Gagnier’s company actually increased.

Who are Gagnier and Black you might ask? Well, no tale of corruption would be complete without some mention of the Liberal Party.

Dan Gagnier is a close advisor to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party’s co-campaign manager.

Doug Black is a Harper-appointed Senator.

Just after Nigel Wright started as Harper’s Chief of Staff, Carson emailed him:

"Nigel — I don't think we have ever met — but we have a few mutual friends — so firstly good luck with this great adventure you have taken on — and secondly thought I would share with you a report I just finished on energy … would love to meet with you at your convenience"

According to the court documents, Nigel Wright replied he'd "heard a lot of good things" about Carson and told him to call any time.

Black reportedly told Carson: "Excellent. Need Nigel on side."

Black went on to tell Carson: “We could do nothing without you.” And, in response to Carson’s request for payment, responded:

“No issue…We are making progress and you are the secret sauce.”

Canadians know they can trust the NDP to clean up the ethical messes left by the Liberals and Conservatives and bring accountability to Ottawa.

“Stephen Harper promised to clean up the ethical lapses and many scandals of the Liberals – but he broke that promise,” said Charlie Angus, NDP Ethics critic. “That’s why more and more Canadians are getting behind Tom Mulcair and the NDP to defeat Stephen Harper and finally bring change to Ottawa.”