December 4th, 2015

NDP reaction to Liberal Throne Speech

New Democrats greeted today’s first Liberal Speech from the Throne with encouragement in the change of tone and with a willingness to help turn today’s broad commitments into action.

“We are pleased to see the Liberal government take the crisis of climate change and Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples seriously, but the speech was thin and it is unfortunate to see that reinstating home mail delivery and returning the age of retirement to 65 were both overlooked in today’s Throne Speech,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair (Outremont). “We hope the Liberals will accept the NDP suggestion to fix their tax cut proposal so that it doesn’t leave two thirds of Canadians behind. Canadians can trust the NDP to fight for their jobs, their family and their community.”

New Democrats are ready to help the government deliver on important issues such as reinvesting in healthcare; combatting climate change; building a nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous peoples; fighting poverty; and creating childcare spaces.

“As the progressive opposition, we will constructively oppose the Liberal government and propose solutions to get concrete results for Canadians,” added Mulcair. “New Democrats will always stand on principle and move forward with hope and optimism.”