March 24th, 2016

NDP MP wants to eliminate tax on baby products

A New Democrat MP has introduced a bill that would eliminate the federal tax on certain baby products. Christine Moore (Abitibi—Témiscamingue) is calling on the government to abolish this tax and recognize these products as essential. This would give families with young children a helping hand.

“Buying diapers and baby bottles isn’t a luxury for families – it’s a necessity,” said Moore. “It makes no sense to ask families with young children to pay tax on these products when there are exemptions for other non-essential products like frozen pizzas and cocktail cherries.”

The bill would amend the Excise Tax Act to add essential products for babies to the list of zero-rated goods. Families would no longer have to pay federal tax on diapers, baby bottles and nipples and certain breastfeeding products. Some of these products are already exempt from provincial tax – particularly in Quebec.

“This bill would have a concrete impact on people’s lives. Women and families have to use these products – they shouldn’t be penalized for making essential purchases for their child,” added Moore. “We’re calling on the Liberals to eliminate the tax on these products.”