November 6th, 2012

NDP MP urges Conservatives to recognize reality of Canadian artists

His private member’s bill would allow artists to average their income, echoing the practice in Quebec and in many foreign countries

On the eve of the vote on his private member’s bill, C-427, aimed at supporting hard-working artists by allowing them to average their income in spiked earning years and obtain a tax exemption on a certain portion of their income, Tyrone Benskin, (Jeanne-Le Ber) urges the Conservatives to support his tax amendment bill.

“Conservative MPs representing Canadian artists have a perfect opportunity to show their support for their constituents by voting in favour of C-427,” said Benskin.

Canadian artists, who contribute significantly to our economy, face a unique reality. After years of struggling, they are penalized by the federal tax system for finally having a great year but are often ineligible for many of the federal programs available to other Canadians. Our bill would restore balance.

“My hope is that Canadian artists will not continue to be marginalized by this government through their lack of support for a well-crafted idea whose time has come,” concluded Benskin.