March 31st, 2014

NDP moves to stop Conservative abuse of government resources

The NDP is introducing an opposition day motion to limit the use of the government’s Challenger jets after revelations that the Conservative Party has been using the planes for non-official travel.

“There is no good reason why Conservative party officials are flying around on these planes and not even paying the full costs. The planes are exclusively for government business or to transport the Prime Minister and his family,” said NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus (Timmins – James Bay). “The Conservatives are taking advantage of government resources for party benefit and we need to establish clear rules to stop this.”

The motion reads as follows:

That, in the opinion of the House, government planes, and in particular the plane used by the Prime Minister, should only be used for government purposes and should not be used to transport anyone other than those associated with such purposes, or those required for the safety and security of the Prime Minister and his family.