August 12th, 2015


As part of his Campaign for Change, Tom Mulcair stopped in Lévis today and was joined by NDP candidate, Jean-Luc Daigle, the popular former mayor of Saint-Romuald. Mulcair outlined his bold vision for Canada and his plan to defeat and replace Stephen Harper’s scandal-plagued Conservatives.

“Stephen Harper promised to clean up years of Liberal corruption, yet Conservatives have been convicted of wrongdoing in each of the last three federal elections,” said Mulcair. “Conservative operatives and Senators have been charged with Election fraud – and pled guilty. That’s on top of breach of trust, illegal campaign contributions, bribery, and Mr. Harper’s hand-picked ethics spokesperson being sent to jail in chains.”

Today in Ottawa, the Prime Minister’s celebrity fundraiser in the Senate, Mike Duffy, is back in Court facing 31 counts. Both Stephen Harper’s chief of staff and former chief of staff are expected to testify and explain what they know about the alleged cover-up in the Prime Minister’s office.

“Stephen Harper’s plan has failed. He came to power promising “accountability” and that he would clean up Liberal scandals in Ottawa. He’s done neither,” said Mulcair. “With a record like this Canadians can’t let Stephen Harper get away with it again. With the NDP, positive change is just an election away.”


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