August 11th, 2015

NDP leader Tom Mulcair brings his Campaign for Change to Danville

As part of his Campaign for Change, NDP leader Tom Mulcair campaigned in Danville today to outline his Farm to Fork plan, which supports family farms and helps ensure that our communities have access to healthy and affordable food.

“Farmers are working hard and harder, but their situation isn’t improving. Under the Conservatives, more than 30,000 family farms have disappeared, while their debt load has risen 70%,” said Mulcair. “The NDP has a solid plan to boost the agricultural sector and to ensure access to healthy and affordable food.”

Mulcair’s plan will create a responsive payment-protection program for agricultural producers, protect Canada’s valuable supply management system and support farmers so they can continue to make a living.

“We’re proposing concrete policies that contribute to sustainable and prosperous farming communities and secure access to healthy food for Canadians. An NDP government will work with the provinces and territories to create new opportunities for producers in Canada and open new markets abroad. Quebec farmers can’t afford another four years of Stephen Harper,” said Mulcair.