October 17th, 2012

NDP introduces bill to stop fraudulent election calls

Democratic Reform critic offers to work with government to achieve effective results

NDP Democratic and Parliamentary Reform critic, Craig Scott, (Toronto-Danforth) introduced a bill in the House of Commons today to prevent fraudulent election voice messages.

“On March 12, 2012, the House of Commons voted unanimously to adopt a New Democrat motion that called on the government to bring forward legislation within six months to amend the Elections Act to prevent the kind of fraudulent elections calls that took place during the 2011 election, and prosecute offenders,” said Scott. “Over seven months later, the Conservatives have yet to act on this motion.”

Scott's bill would amend the Canada Elections Act to make it an offence, subject to severe fines, to knowingly transmit false information through voice messages during an election period. The bill would also create obligations for those who are involved in transmitting voice messages to provide key information directly to the Chief Electoral Officer or the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

“My intention is to get the ball rolling and I’m reaching out to all parties in the House to come together and cooperate to ensure that we have the best legislation possible,” said Scott. “Obviously the fastest way to get the most effective and comprehensive solution would be for the Conservatives to work with us and put forward government legislation.”